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Feel good bundle

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about this product

Our range of feel-good teas taste amazing and make you feel great too!

what's in it?

trim - 15 tea temples | a fruity blend of peach, rosehip, hibiscus and guarana.

happy - 15 tea temples | an uplifting blend of turmeric, apple and lemon balm.

calm - 15 tea temples | a relaxing blend of lemon balm, valerian and chamomile.

cleanse - 15 tea temples | refreshing and slightly sweet tasting this is delicious hot or cold.

up beet - 15 tea temples | this blend of beets, spice and hibiscus which helps give you extra energy, is fruity and punchy.

snooze - 15 tea temples | a yummy blend of apple, lavender and chamomile, known to help maintain a healthy sleep.